The Basic Checklist for a wedding

Have you ever thought of making a list of pending done to organize a wedding? … good luck!!
A wedding is perhaps the most difficult events to plan to leave everything perfect, make a list or checklist can it be cumbersome, time consuming and often even discouraging, usually a wedding is planned 12 months in advance, although it is organize it in less time possible as long as it is clear about what you want and what is possible to obtain in less time.

Weddings Paradisus we care about every detail and we know the importance of a planned organization, so we recommend you follow this checklist will help a lot to your wedding planner and above all make you feel calm in every detail:

General Checklist for a wedding:
1) Select Date
2) Set Budget
3) Choose destination and place for ceremony and reception
4) Remove and ensure the venue
5) Define guest list
6) Analyze and cover legal proceedings and / or religious
7) Define decorating style
8) Define groomsmen and bridesmaids
9) Define dishes and drinks for reception
10) Define extra services (photography, videography, Music)

Obviously there are many more points to consider when planning a wedding which your Wedding Planner will help you solve, however with this check list will have a clearer idea of the organization of your event.
If you have any questions regarding services, options and opportunities for your wedding unforgettable please contact us.