”Casar” 2017 – El pueblito at Mayakoba

Last Friday, February 17th, we had the pleasure and exclusive opportunity to assist and participate in the second edition of the Casar event hosted by El pueblito at Mayakoba, an unbelievable spot with white sand and crystal clear water on the coast of the Riviera Maya brought us an incredible event in which multiple suppliers gathered to promote the most “in” and chic products and services within the wedding industry.

It is a fact that is necessary to remark, not in vain the Riviera Maya is the number one destination worldwide in terms of weddings. As there were gathered more than 50 experts in the field, who gave us a unique evening / night.

We were able to share the night with participants such as Bernadette Smith, founder and president of “14 stories” and “Gay Wedding Institute”, award-winner and writer of 3 books, a complete expert on same-sex weddings. Among others were Alan Berg, expert in weddings and events, leader speaker internationally with more than 25 years of experience. It was certainly an event worth attending…

Together, both professionals and guests could enjoy a magical tour led by food specialists, best locations/venues, music, styling, hair and makeup. In other words, everything you need for your wedding, event or pleasant stay at the incredible Riviera Maya.

This journey of love began with a refreshing welcome cocktail, we met with various gourmets who did not fail to delight us with small essences of ancestral nationality.

We were able to enjoy live music, nonetheless than by Party Planet productions, and even a live display of “in-place models” who carried us to visualize in real life the perfect dress designs that any bride dreams of.  Carefully designed by the young Paulina Araujo, no doubt they captured everyone’s attention!

A simple, charming, welcoming, dynamic event, that sparkled a unique magic feel. 

I would like to give special thanks to Ari and Alessio of Just Moments for the simple fact of innovating and organizing an event of this caliber.

Do not miss the unique events that the Riviera Maya offers, as they give us the opportunity to see, value and understand what we want and how we want for a dream wedding tailored to each couple …

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