Stronger than ever 2017!

We know you have been following us all week in our social networks and that every weekend you are looking forward seeing what is new with Daymar Events and our beautiful Caribbean surroundings … well, we are here stronger than ever!

To start off March in a great way and this week in particular, we will gear away a little from our wedding timelines and details. We want to take a “breather” from the events and reflect on the latest wedding trends for 2017.  What are the “in” colors? Have the classics returned? What dresses are being worn?

It is indeed true, that the best way to stream the work and being able to create a tailored wedding for our couples is to know exactly what we want and how we want. There are many small appearance details that can be overlooked  .. however, if we have an exact idea and every took we need this will not be a problem. 

One particular theme that we started to see in 2016 and has continued to carry on in 2017, is the famous “vintage”, a word that you have surely heard a lot and is increasingly appearing in many areas of styling and take us “back-in-the-day”, but of course, with glam giving it a classic touch by playing with old elements and soft colors. Ideal for weddings in daylight, in sunsets and even for romantic weddings at night.

There are many ways to combine the vintage style, the most common are the rustic and the classic-modern. The rustic combines the ideal “mood” with details of wood, metal, golden tones, metallic tones, and decorative details in abundance like flowers, candles, …

Our other favorite is the modern vintage, we love to mix this with minimalist touches, certainly the most requested these last few months! And of course, at Daymar Events we have all the decorative details you can think of!


Let’s move on to a key factor in every wedding, something that sometimes we over look, the most important thing, the wedding theme colors. Especially when deciding the wedding venue, what colors blend in with it and what season of the year the event will be held at. We cannot treat the same an outdoor wedding at the beach, with a wedding in a closed location. We have to take into consideration these small details such as what colors to use according to what venue and theme we are aiming for. Throughout 2016 we saw and worked often with golden tones, actually we began to discover (and still using during 2017) the beautiful rosewood or “golden pink” in decoration and themes as well as with dresses. 

There are other colors that have been used recently and maybe you haven’t thought about them, colors like the “serenity” and “snorkel” blue, classics such as bronze, coral, aqua and the most daring and used less like gray, green and purple!


And … speaking of trendy colors, something that is super “in” and is becoming more and more popular are weddings with a “Cuban” color theme style. A theme not so well-known, cheerful and with a crazy colorful touch! Without doubt a very good option to not let go unnoticed, where playing with cheerful colors inspires a lot of vitality. A perfect option to put aside the conventional classics and bend the “rules” a little bit ..

To close off the theme topic with its tones and colors as well as the rule breaking, let’s talk about something that we are now seeing and loving; saying “Goodbye” flowers, hello minimalist green! It is a very original touch and suitable for weddings with a smaller budget, this year we are pushing more and more the organic and ” boho chic ” atmosphere accompanied by very cheerful colors and non-traditional eco invitations!


This year we have encounter more options that come out of the ordinary, we know that many will continue to sway for the classic touches, but do not discard the idea of ​​new sensations!

And finally to end this week’s blog the new trends, what would you think if I say “Breakfast Weddings?” We know that we love long, classic weddings, with great party, sunsets, cocktail … but not everyone has the same taste, budgets and ideas, and the best thing is to be able to adapt to all the request in an original way and creating sensational moment!

Every time we see more donut cakes, appearing with brownies, creams, or petit fours instead of the appetizers or the traditional cake. And this is a very economic, fun and intimate idea for those symbolic events and decide to celebrate in the morning! What do you think?


I hope you enjoyed this little set-up for this 2017! We will continue with more news and updates hoping you love them.

We are also open to any suggestions or ideas .. do not hesitate to contact us!

Autor: Andrea GBorreguero