Dress.. Dress ! – 2017

Last week we had a pending issue, and it’s not just any issue, it’s a theme that all brides have in mind and it’s the first question we always ask … Do you have the dress already ?! Yes, you know it, thist is the first thing we ask and what interests us most!

The dress is very important, as it will be the first look and strong impression of the whole event, also it is the first thing that the groom sees and .. actually, I will make a parenthesis and share something personal.

There are multiple weddings that I have attended by Daymar Events, and I have learned a perk that always excites me ..

I love to watch the bride and groom, when they arrive at the altar (or the area where the ceremony is going to take place) and they are there alone, in front of all the guests, and join hands in front waiting for that moment, That wait must be anguishingly beautiful, and then, the first song note sounds and their faces completely decompose. When you see the bride, radiant, at the end of the walkway, everyone gets up and turns to see her, at that moment I go on looking at the face of the groom, and I promise you that face, it is worth every second … and that! That moment in my point of view is the most beautiful, unique and undoable and what better than to choose the ideal dress and perfect for that scene. Above all, it is also a dress that represents us, that we feel comfortable and that defines ourselves.


Therefore, today we are going to present some of the 2017 treds / styles that we will see a lot, and that I personally  love!

To begin with and to not forget the classics, we could not dismiss to talk about a style that never goes out of style, and still today we are asked many more brides than it seems …

  • Princess cut dress!

We can not deny that it is still a style that predominates with great demand and can not discard  so easily. Who has not imagined themselves as a child marrying in one of those “fluffy dresses or large and bulky skirts? We have many perks when choosing a dress like this and there are also many ways to combine it and make it more personal.

There is a detail that all the dresses of this style have and is the difference between the waist which is very tight at the top of the waist making a contrast with the lower part, the skirt, which acquires volume at the waist in forming a large circle silhouette on the ground.

We can combine it in many ways, with veil, tail, strapless, with sleeve, without sleeve, … there are infinite ways to make this our style and very personal.

One point in our favor of this style is that we do not need to have a top model magazine physique, for it covers the hips pretty well, and hides the thighs enhancing the waistline. Making it a great idea for all types of bodies, even if we are trying to balance a silhouette and even more if we need to “hide” some imperfections ..

Something to keep in mind is that maybe for some people it may be a bit excessive, especially on very thin bodies or shorter girls, as it could cause an excess of fabric or flatten our figure.


  • Mermaid Dress

And … another classic! following the line of styles that do not go out of fashion and that continue to be a high demand are the mermaid dresses!

These undoubtedly have a unique shape and we all instantly recognize it, these dresses fit perfectly the body. They are well known for mid-leg to bottom slit finishing touch that takes everyone’s breath away.

This style is ideal for bodies in which we want to highlight and remark the figure, creating more curves in our silhouette. The final ‘tail’ can have different shapes but never without losing this marked difference between the adjusted body and the final opening.


It is a style that looks good with almost all necklines, whether closed, heart-shaped, or even with long sleeves.

It is a slightly more comfortable option than the princess style, especially when we are going to be seated, although this style is not recommended for curvy women because it could appear excessive.


  • Infinite Neck/Back lines

We love, we are fascinated and if you know them you will want to get married just to be able to bring one of these!

This is definitely my favorite section of this week, and the best about it? We can use this trend front and .. back!

They are very flattering, sensual, eye-catching, and if they are well used we can certainly provoke a heart attack.

We have to take into consideration which is the infinity neckline that best suits our figure, it is not recommended to use both neck and back lines at the same time, since we never want to move from the elegant and sophisticated to the vulgar. We have to take pay attention to our back, pay attention to the underwear we use in case we go for  this option. Finally if we use one of these shocking necklines do not overload the dress a lot, since we want to achieve a combined impact with a simple style, it is recommendable to not use bows, ribbons or small stones with it…




  • Breaking Trends; 2 pieces

This option may seem a bit risky because it gears away from the most common and all the ideas we are used to seeing. I personally love and bet for this option without a doubt!

Almost all the two-piece proposals are formed by independent top parts, generally crop tops, short, cheerful, rejuvenating, and that give a very informal yet sophisticated touch.

You can form very personal attire, adding lace, different colors, necklines, suspenders, finishes .. and make it more formal or informal depends on ourselves!

Autor : Andrea GBorreguero