And.. Hit the notes Maestro!

This week we are introducing a very important and a lot of fun to prepare topic … Music!!

What would a movie be without the soundtrack? Exactly. As with a wedding, music plays an essential roll, it creates the perfect harmony and atmosphere of the whole event. In addition, music is what marks the rhythm, emotions and defines every aspect of our wedding, because we will not put the same songs in the cocktail, that in the ceremony and much less the same as during the party!

 So let’s share our choices of songs and those that have given us better results.


Next we will “divide” the wedding according to the most important moments where music should stand out and make a difference.

  • The Ceremony is undoubtedly, not to say the most ‘top’ of the event, so we must choose each song perfectly. Think about what songs the bridesmaids are going to enter and of course, our entry!

For these moments, we recommend the following songs:

  •  For all those who like the classics! 

· Nupcial March – Felix Mendelssohn 

· Wagner – Marcha Nupcial 

· Canon in D – First dance wedding songs 

· Ave Maria, of Schubert

· Cantata número 147, de Bach

· Gloria in D mayor, de Vivaldi

· The Ludlows (from ‘’legends of the fall’’) – The city of prague philharmonic 

· Amanecer (Dawn) – Carlos Nuñez 

  •  Some romantics make anyones skin curl..

· She – Elvis Costello 

· Con te partirò – Andrea Bocelli  (min 3:08) 

· I’m Kissing You – Des’ree 

· Now we are free – Lisa Gerrard 

· (Everything I do) I do It for you – Bryan Adams 

· Feels like home – Chantal Kreviazuk 

· Everything – Lifehouse

· River Flows in you – Yiruma  (piano) 

  • At the Reception, it is understood that our marriage liaison has already happened! Now it is necessary to locate the guests at their tables, the banquet, cut of the cake .. The music must be soft to accompany the food and the mood. You can take advantage of this moment to go through the tables and thank the ones who are there for your big day.

It is important to set these moments in the perfect way, and we recommend these:

  · Making memories of us – Keith Urban

· Just the way you are – Bruno Mars

· Tunnel of love – Dire straits                                       

· You’re my best friend – Queen

· All of me – John Legend

· One and only – Adele

· Coldplay – The scientis

· Marry me – Train

· Joy – Cirque du soleil

· November rain – Guns n ‘Roses

· Gymnopedie nº1 – Erik Satie

· Another love – Tom Odell

· Teach me your hands – Alejandro Sanz

· I want to know what love is – Foreigner


There are very intimate and special moments during the wedding. And one of the most intimate is the bride and groom first dance.

In this particular moment it is difficult to recommend songs because, in m y opinion it is a very personal moment, we usually have think of songs that represent something in our relationship or with ourselves.

 Occasionally we have to add an “up-beat” like when it is time to cut the cake!

· You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

· Halo – Beyoncé

· Somebody like you – Keith Urban

· Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

· Starving – Hailee Steinfeld

· Sugar – Maroon 5

· Best day of my life – American Authors

· Marry You – Bruno Mars

· The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson

· Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Stevie Wonder


More ”spicy ” moments like the bouquet toss or when the groom takes off the bride’s garter ..

· SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

· Crazy in love – Beyoncé

· Kiss – Prince

· Ball & Biscuit – The White Stripes

· Anaconda – Nicki Minaj


And now yes! Let the party begin!

And to open up the dance floor…


· Counting Crows – Accidentally in love

· Bob Seger – Old time rock and roll

· Jailhouse rock – Elvis presley

· Def Leppard – Pour some sugar on me

· Staying alive – Bee Gees


Do not forget to examine and hire the best DJ in town, it is up to him/her to provide the latest trends in music and know how to throw a party. It is very important to cover minute one until the very end of the event and ensure everyone has a great time dancing and having fun like never before! Keep in mind details like illumination, dance floor set up .. We recommend to Party Plannet!

 We hope you liked the blog of this week and above all that helps a lot!

  Let’s get rocked ..!


Autor: Andrea GBorreguero