What does a wedding planner?

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Surely the plantearte the need to hire a wedding planner company cuestionarás you what is really what they do or even where cover their services. The answer is simple: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR EVENT AN UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT!

Although normally hiring any professional services contract will include a detailed scope of an experienced wedding planner can make your perfect wedding dreams come true.

The Riviera Maya is a favorite for weddings destinations, so there are plenty of annexes providers that help the organization, the wedding planner will have on hand many options, so do not hesitate to ask what you think necessary.

Overall a wedding planner should:

  1. Organize a master plan for the entire event
  2. Quoting each of the services, articles and products required for the event
  3. Integrate in a single quote 100% of the event organization
  4. Hire, coordinate and pay providers (music, decoration, transportation, lodging, florist, etc.)
  5. Control prices and budget expenditures
  6. Manage contracts with suppliers and personnel required
  7. Communicate and be the official spokesperson for the event holders
  8. Advisory and consultancy services for any topic related to the event target
  9. Know perfectly the local market for goods and services.

And too, why not?!, Help the couple to control the stress that generates a perfect event. In all, a wedding planner is the main engine of the event and that will make your wedding the perfect day in your life.

Do not forget that communication with your wedding planner is essential for everything to be a success, so do not hesitate to express your questions and comments.

Weddings Paradisus we care about always being updated and our staff is in constant training to achieve high quality services. Call us and we will gladly realize your event succeed.