The perfect Circle!

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Why do we spend more time on choosing the dress than on the ring? Does the marriage bond have to be smooth and golden?

After talking about trends, dresses, timing and organization required to prepare our wedding, let’s relax a bit and think of a small, round detail. It does not have much presence during the wedding (or before it), but after the ceremony it is the symbol that will represents it best and every time you look at your hand you will forever be reminded of how special this day was and all that it means. This is why it is so important to choose it, and choose the perfect one, both the engagement ring and the wedding bands.

Long ago, all wedding rings were all the same, plane, simple, gold ring. Over the years, this tradition has been kept but we have seen a few modifications. But this has drastically changed in today’s era! As we can see that not only technology improves, but also there has been a forward trend incorporating all kinds of styles and tailoring allowing a more freedom and personalized touches!

Nowadays days, there are many incredible types of wedding rings and bands that present so much variety making the search for the perfect ring a long but amazing task until we find the one that makes our hearts spark. You would not get a tattoo without thinking about it, right? Well remember that you wear a wedding ring with the intention to wear it and have it with you forever! what better to do this than taking the time to carefully choose it …


 We have to take into consideration basic details like;


  • Size – dimensions of the stones or diamonds, type of jewel more discreet or ostentatious and large? – Size is one of the first things we have to keep in mind, because from there we will build up everything else. In this section it is important to think about the bride’s comfort, because if we want to wear that ring every day, it is not recommended something very ostentatious, or that stands out a lot, to give it a proper careful use. Also the taste each bride or groom is important to talk about in this section, some prefer fragile rings, simple, others prefer the band to be thicker or thinner .. Just think of something comfortable and wearable for any situation on your day-to-day activities. Of course without putting aside elegance and being sophisticated.             

  • Style – (single diamond or several, plane or not, classic or custom?) After having in mind wearing something comfortable, day-to-day friendly and the approximate dimensions we can move forward to the most personal topic of all and one that carried the most variety and style! This is where the personality each person is most reflected. We have to think of something that even after years and years go by we will always love and never gets old for you. We can never let our decisions be influenced by “what is in” or what new trends are marking the moment. When we talk about style we refer to something that is personal, that defines you, where you are perfectly convinced that in 10 or 30 years you will continue to be in love with this ring. It is important to emphasize the different types cut styles (generally diamonds); Princess, round, oval, marquise, radiant … Do not stop looking until you find the one, remember that a wedding ring is not just ” nice and expensive ” is much more than that ..


  •   Bands – (gold, white gold, metal ..) The band is the essence of a ring, after taking into account the style and dimensions, we have to decide on the what metal we want, gold? Platinum? White gold? Pink gold? Some kind of metal? In addition, the band is not only the body of ring, it is also what will give support and stability to the stone, this means that we have multiple options of shapes and design to think about. Do not limit yourself, there are a thousand possibilities, options and combinations!



  • Color – For this last point we will emphasize a little more. I find color to bring a sense of originality, intimacy and uniqueness that captivates everyone’s eye. Did you know that diamonds can be dyed without losing any of its properties? And not just diamonds, there are many precious stones that have natural color, tints of color or shine to it that make them extra special. It is indeed clear, that many brides or grooms will still be inclined by the classic golden and silver tones. But it is a very good option for those with an adventurous personality.



In conclusion, remember that the more unique, the more perfect. There are multiple choices of carats, mounts, designs .. Do not think of your ring as a simple round thing. Remember that it is the union and seal of everything you want to symbolize on your wedding day. Most importantly you will always carry this thought with you and the ring serves to represent it.