Tic, Tac… Timing!

After two weeks of digging and talking about trends, fashion and dresses, let’s talk about something that may not seem so entertaining but it is very necessary and essential, and in this case lets give recognition to the Wedding Planners!

 Beginning with choosing her/him, there are a series of steps to follow, use time wisely and know what is the next step is imperative to have a good structure when planning our wedding. Well without this, it is almost certain that some steps will not go well or work out exactly as we wanted, and then you will think “If it had done this different?” Or “If I had planned this in time ..” Weddings can not be done from night to day to day, or month to month, and it does not seem like it, but it does take a lot of time and maybe not for the bride and groom, maybe they have the clear ideas of the day, the place and the style they want. However, it not only relies on what we what, there are many factors behind the organization of an event of this magnitude.

That’s why we have to thank our wonderful Wedding Planners! And today we bring you some tips to follow the correct steps to take so that everything goes as we want and in the best way possible for everyone.




  • Find your style – For the first thing we have to do (after finding the soon to be husband) is to unleash our imagination and fantasize! Imagine how it would be .. and begin to sketch in our head more or less what style we want, what tones we would like .. Ocean or mountains, classic, romantic, outside or indoors .. a start point with the things we know we do not want to miss or leave out. Even if you do not have a clear idea of everything that you​​ what, do not worry and do not freak out! With this first meet and greet with your wedding planner all the key points of your likes and dislikes, can be covered and and guide you perfectly. And if you have everything clear, perfect!
  • Your magic fairy! – This is your Wedding Planner. Start thinking about the things you are clear on, venues where you want to marry and investigate who offers the best options, look up their web pages, previous jobs they have done, reviews .. Examine your options and the one that you think is best suited to your personality is the “one” for you! And do not forget that it is necessary to have one at least  8 to 12 months before the planned wedding date. It is very important to have a good communication with him/her, and to be able to clearly explain what you want and need and how you want her to start adjusting to your tastes until you find the perfect connection!

  • The Location – It’s basic, and very important, because it’s the scenery of the movie! In the region / city that you have clear and according to your preferences and style, contact your Wedding Planner to learn which are the best locations in the area, look for them but more importantly .. visit them! And if because of the distance you do not have the opportunity to go personally, arrange it with your Wedding Planner and she will share videos, photos and give you  her best option. And when you do, have a little imagination and imagine the place decorated, full of people, lights … Lean on your wedding planner if you need to imagine the set scene! Also keep in mind the amount of people you have in mind and your budget .. discuss all the details that include possible locations with your coordinator.
  • Guest List! – It seems like a simple task, right? Dad, Mom, bridesmaids … well no! It is much more complicated and tedious than we think, not only is a list, we have to take into consideration our family and our partnerer’s, then our close friends and the people we believe are important to attend this day, keep in mind that there is always some conflict and that it is not an easy task to assign people with people. Remember your guests significant others and possible children, not forgetting our budget range and how intimate we want the wedding. You will see all the time you invest and how entertaining it is!

These 4 main points are done in an approximate 3 months.

Assuming we found our Wedding Planner about a year earlier, after this, the next 3 months we have tie loose ends on such topics as; The bride’s dress – if you take a look at our previous blog you will see the new trends of dresses for this 2017 – Other important steps are when choosing catering, furniture, decoration, invitations and documentation.

The first and very important once we have decided the location, confirmed date and place, we have to send the invitations! Since we do “destination” weddings remember that and a plane ticket must be bought and booking a hotel!! It is very important to choose a hotel for everyone to be able to share those days with your loved ones before the special day !! I guarantee your Wedding Planner  has options with better prices and options for you and your guests. And start to RSVP the attendance of our guests!

The catering is something very important, because it is another basic point to think about and certainly dinner is something that all the guests talk and comment the next day, so it is better to do your research with your coordinator on the best teams of catering, because it is not only the food, also the service and the organization.

The furniture is another matter that is repeatedly talked about between these months, so that there are no problems with the arrangement and we have time to modify later if we are not completely satisfied and need to add decorations or take away decorations. It is one of the most important points of the cocktail and the reception, in conjunction with the table centers, a correct tablecloth and decorative touches will make the wedding completely personalized and yours, always guide your self by your Wedding Planner on trends in decoration, tables and furniture … And with the furniture comes the decoration, we have to start thinking what details we want to highlight, what  tones and how we will combine everything …

Tic tac, tic tac … 6 to 3 months before the big day arrives. And I think these months are the most stressful and decisive for our event. It would be good to start seeing details such as the alliances, the groom’s suit, deciding who will the bride use for her makeup, hair and styling. It is very important that you again allow your coordinator to guide you through this process, because the correct makeup and hairstyle is very important especially if your wedding is on the beach, windy, hot or cold..selecting the proper look will allow you to look flawless during the entire wedding.

Then there are other deeper issues to be addressed. As you have already decided with whom to do the catering or if they are hired through the location you have to do a tasting menu. The tasting of the menu must be done between 3 and 1 month before the wedding since afterwards you can not make changes in the menu, in the event of having the tasting a few days before it will have to be with a set as the changes allowed will be very minimal like the sides, sauces, the seasoning …

Another important matter (and in my opinion the most important) is music! And with it hiring our DJ, it is not an easy task for those who believe music is the most important detail, start deciding what songs or what kind of music you want, and of course, a DJ that will keep the party going all night party. To finish, between these months we should find the people who will immortalize all these moments, our photographers and video crew!

At last nerves start! And now yes, we are at the stage where we are almost there, the last couple of months flew by and now it is time to tie up all loose ends.

The first thing to do is to finish confirming attendance, with it very tedious task for those who want everything organized and are going to assign table and place to their guests (important topic for our coordinator is the assignment of our guests) This in particular is best to finalize between 2 and 1 month before the wedding as there are always changes and many of them involve moving whole tables.

Transportation, is an important issue since you have to pamper your guests and thik about these details. Especially if the church, cocktail or reception are in different venues and more when your guests do not know the place is important to give them this comfort and a transportation to carry them from one place to another. For this we advise hiring everything through the coordinator because they can manage the times and respond if something goes wrong. It is better not to stress with anything that day, leave all the tasks to your Wedding Planner!

To continue with the “pampering” of our guests, some like to deliver gifts as a token of thank you for being part of this wedding, well this is the time to decide what gifts you have in mind and start customizing them. And finally to close all details that I think most brides consider the most important; We have to wrap up the decoration down to the smallest details and of course.. try the make-up and hairdresser!

And you will not have time to be nervous and anxious for this day to arrive, and most importantly..  ensure that everything will go well!

That is why the wedding planners play such an coordinator, among all the things you have read,  I promise they do not reflect all the work and time they put into making sure your day is perfect, so choose well and trust your Wedding Planner!


Autor: Andrea GBorreguero