We’ll take care of everything concerning your wedding day in Riviera Maya and can help with any events you want to plan before and after your special day. Rehearsal dinners, welcome cocktails, excursions and any help you may need while you are visiting! We can customize packages to your specific needs and budget. Simply share your vision with us and we will show you how we can help.

Contact us with any questions you may have or to start planning today!

Services Wedding Planner Riviera Maya

Coordination and Consulting

We offer full service wedding coordination and organization from start to finish. With our help, you can plan and design your wedding and all events surrounding it, down to the last detail. We have a wealth of experience along with a wide network of vendors, suppliers and other committed professionals who take pride in making your exact vision a reality. You can start planning your wedding from anywhere, at any time, while letting us do the “heavy lifting”.

Some elements of your wedding event we take care of:

• Ceremony
• Organization and logistics
• Management of civil and religious paperwork
• Design and monitoring of wedding calendar
• Budget Planning
• Weddings on the beach and protocol
• Wedding theme and decorations
• Verification and confirmation of suppliers
• Wedding rehearsal
• Transportation and lodging
• Dinners and events before or after the wedding
And much more…

Most Celebrated…

This ceremony is for couples of the Catholic faith. These ceremonies are held at a Catholic Church or chapel. The Catholic Church has several requirements which must be met before the wedding date can be set, and we can help you navigate through the process.

The civil ceremony is recognized by the law and is officiated by a Judge or Justice of the Peace. It is a non-religious ceremony and can be performed on the beach, in a garden, at a hotel or even at the civil registry if desired. Certain legal requirements must be met before the ceremony.

(Christian, Jewish, Protestant, other.) Religious ceremonies (with the exception of Catholic) can be held at most venues provided they meet the requirements that each religion requests. Religious ceremonies are officiated by a minister, pastor, rabbi or Justice of the Peace.

…and most exclusive.

Spiritual act of love according to the Mayan culture. A sacred ceremony where the couple exchanges vows and honor the earth mother. A Mayan Shaman performs this special ceremony, giving thanks to the Mayan Gods and asking for their blessing.

This special ceremony has the couple pour different coloured sand into a keepsake, representing the joining of two lives. You may add more layers by asking friends or family to contribute, making your ceremony more intimate and personal.

A symbolic ceremony, with no reference to personal beliefs or religions. A Justice of the Peace will officiate and the couple may choose their own vows.